Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello all you people out there your tuning into life with rob… so wow schools almost out and it went by so fast, thank god. I know I have said to most of you I was planning at Columbia this fall, but I have decided to finish out my core class at jjc and save me some cash. Speaking of cash I don't have a lot of it right now. I have so many things I would like to buy but can't. A few of the items are car parts and a bike. My life is ever up and down right now. I'm either really busy or I have nothing to do at all. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, experimenting with listening to all different kinds of new and old music. Hopefully I will be able to figure myself out by summer time! so I think that's it for now… tune next time same bat time same bat channel!

Your weekend project: go out and listen to new/different music, and if you find something you like tell me about it!!!